The School Day

  • Students should arrive promptly for tutor time and all lessons.
  • Students need to be in their designated Tutor room by the first registration bell at 8.40am ready for registration.
  • If a student arrives late and misses tutorial they should go to Reception to register before going to their normal timetabled lesson.


Timings of the school day 2020-2021

  • In order to help manage risks associated with Covid-19 we are amending the school day in order to stagger the release of students from lessons and splitting break times and lunchtimes in order to ensure each year group bubble can have its own yard space and access to canteen facilities.
  • Students in Years 10,11 and 13 will finish at 3.15pm
  • Every second Tuesday School finishes at the end of Period 4 (2.10pm and 2.15pm)
School Day 2020-21


Punctuality is an essential life skill which transfers into adulthood. We expect our pupils to be in school on time, every day.

The first bell rings at 08:40. It is expected that all pupils are inside the school gates before 08:40. Arriving late results in lost learning.

Pupils arriving late three or more times in a week will be required to stay for a 30 minute after school detention on Friday evenings. If punctuality continues to be a problem, persistent lateness can lead to unauthorised marks which will contribute to legal intervention. Please see our Attendance page for more information



The school car park is for staff and visitors. Unfortunately we are unable to facilitate general parking. When picking up or dropping off students please park sensibly in the areas around school and with consideration for our neighbours, residents and other road users.

May we remind you that in the interests of safety, parking on the double yellow lines on Burnthouse lane is dangerous and can obstruct pedestrians and impair their vision when crossing the road.

We encourage, where possible, pupils to walk to and from school.